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Home Begins with Together

We believe that life thrives with connection. A community is more than an address—it’s where you belong. We’ve cultivated a community that focuses on supporting joy, wellness, and growth. Our specialized services are designed to help you live meaningfully, whether you’re exploring new hobbies or building relationships with friendly neighbors.

Our staff are experts at connection, so you always have a friend, confidant, and helping hand nearby. Book a tour today and get to know our community.

What’s Life like with Us?

There’s always something wonderful going on at The Legacy at Cimarron. With lots to do inside our doors and out in the city, our residents discover and enjoy new experiences every day. Our communities are also pet-friendly!

Whether you join our assisted living, memory care, or respite care lifestyle, our compassionate staff and range of services are ready to support you with everything you decide to do.

Support for Every Aspect of Your Well-Being

Wellness is more than physical, which is why we celebrate and support all aspects of our residents’ well-being. We focus on several unique pillars of wellness to serve your needs. We want every day to feel like a warm hug, whether you find joy in social gatherings or testing your physical fitness.

Helping our residents experience life to the fullest inspires every service, interaction, and experience we provide.

Staying in shape is a personalized goal, and we want to help you achieve it. We work with you with personalized exercise programs through our fitness centers and activities around the community. Visit a hiking trail in one of El Paso’s parks or cheer on your neighbors with a group program. We focus on what makes you feel healthiest and happiest.

Caring for the mind is a big part of caring for the body. Engaging the mind is an essential path to feeling fulfilled, enjoying connections, and protecting your overall health. It’s also tied to one of our core focuses—growth. We want to help our residents to explore, discover, and connect, whether their intellectual pursuits involve challenging themselves or having a good time.

We believe love is the key to getting the most out of life. Our staff is committed to being there for you or your loved one when you need us. We encourage activities that help our residents foster relationships and enjoy meaningful moments. Sharing a smile, a laugh, or a shoulder to lean on is one way we make our residents the heart of our community.

Food provides nutrition to fuel healthy bodies. More than that, food brings people together. Meeting for a bite or sitting down for a festive meal means making time to be with loved ones. We want our residents to savor the taste and be captivated by conversation. 

Our stunning culinary experiences are prepared to please food culture enthusiasts, all while meeting our residents’ dietary needs.

Spirituality can be the cornerstone of social and emotional connections. For many of our residents, their spirituality can give them peace and purpose. That’s why we partner with local worship centers. We support spiritual growth with individual residents and within our community, regardless of faith.

A sense of belonging is essential to living life to the fullest. We love our community and genuinely care about every resident we welcome home. Feeling cherished and connected can benefit overall wellness, which is why being there for our residents and encouraging social activity is integral to our community life.

What’s Around Our Community?

Our El Paso location offers our residents unique opportunities to explore not just our beautiful city, but the area surrounding it too. With the state line a short 15-minute drive away, residents can explore some of what Texas and New Mexico have to offer. The Paso del Norte International Bridge to Mexico is also a 30-minute drive from our doors.

But what’s even closer? We organize regular trips into town where you can visit restaurants, shops, museums, including:

  • Franklin Mountains State Park
  • Underwood Golf Complex
  • Zin Valle Vineyards
  • Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino

Discover Your Lifestyle at The Legacy at Cimarron

Experience the comfort, fun, and retreat you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a full schedule or relaxing days, life awaits you at The Legacy at Cimarron

Come take a tour today!

Why Choose Us?


Connection is a sense of belonging. Everyone thrives when they feel safe and valued. That’s why we nurture relationships that inspire and support—within our community, with residents and staff, and every interaction that provides meaning.


Growth allows our residents to get the most out of every day. With us, there are always opportunities to enjoy familiar passions and explore new interests. Staying active, physically and intellectually, is essential to elevating overall well-being.


Our residents are the heart of everything we do. We love being a part of their lives, working alongside a wonderful community that genuinely cares about helping people feel comfortable and content.

All Together

Being together allows us to be our best. Every new experience, every conversation enjoyed, and every challenge overcome is part of our story. Together, our residents, staff, and loved ones are our family.

Our Lifestyles

At The Legacy at Cimarron, we offer personalized lifestyle options based on your unique preferences and requirements. We work with you to find the right fit, helping you get the services and level of support you need to enjoy your new life.

Assisted Living

Assisted living provides personalized care to help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle. We focus on the services that you need so you can enjoy engaging and growing through community experiences.

Memory Care

Memory care is specialized care designed to support residents with cognitive concerns. Our program focuses on meaningful services, nurturing connection, and elevating quality of life.

Respite Care

Respite care gives you or your caregiver a break, whether your primary caregiver needs some downtime or you temporarily need extra care. It’s also a great chance to try out our community and experience life with us.

Where to Find Us

Find us on Northern Pass Drive, just south of the intersection at Paseo del Norte.


  • 6201 Northern Pass Dr.
  • El Paso, TX 79911

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